I Recommend…

Ok, so I am sitting here on a Friday night, being a good boy staying in, saving some cash, film on in the background covering up the  frantic clicking of laptop keys and thought I would share a recommendation from my personal selection of films, music and just about everything else that I love.

On this occasion my recommendation is a film which I stumbled across recently and thought enough of it to share with my fellow Tweeters and Facebookers. The film in question is ‘Perriers Bounty‘ a bit of an Irish all rounder with some great actors putting in some rather dark but funny performances. With the likes of Cillian Murphy, Brendon Gleeson, Jim Broadbent & Liam Cunningham all coming together you can expect something interesting.

I Recommend - Perriers Bounty - Fusion FX

Now you may be wondering at this point why you are talking about a film from 2009? Well firstly being an all Irish affair it seemed to have slipped well under the radar in a similar way to ‘The Guard’ this is definitely aided by the fact that this film is seen as an independent film.

Ok so all justified in why were discussing this, I simply can’t fault the way the film is put together, from the very start you are immersed in a world, that doesn’t seem that great to be in, but which Cillian Murphy is swimming in. Debt to the hilt, mixing with all the wrong sorts of people he owes the wrong people. Being chased all over, an initial showdown happens in his hallway with two debt collectors (who are very much in love), Murphy and his manically depressed next door neighbour.

Not wanting to spoil the films good bits, suffice to say this is the catalyst that draws in Cillian’s own dad into a chase in which, burying bodies, torching cars, and holding up police are simply a necessity to stay ahead of the bounty set by Perrier (the merciless villain played by Gleeson. The story and situations build all throughout the film leading to a climatic finish.

This film captured my attention as it originally was just something to have on the background whilst I was working. This film reminded me of elements taking me back to ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’. A fantastic film and much watch for anyone looking for good entertainment.



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